Delivery and returns

1. Order delivery:

  • The items are delivered using courier services. It is usually Post Express, but we do not exclude the possibility of shipping through other companies. If the customer explicitly requests that the goods be delivered through another company ITS has a contract or partnership relation with the item(s) will be shipped according to customer`s request and at the customer`s expense, unless arranged otherwise.
  • The goods will be delivered only after an advance payment by customer has been recorded (unless arranged otherwise).
  • Delivery of goods is always paid by the customer (unless arranged otherwise) according to the rules of the courier service through which the shipment is made. ITS School Shop does not participate in nor is additionally included in delivery expenses. ITS School Shop can take the expense of delivery only if it has been arranged or it is a part of an advertising campaign, action, etc.
  • ITS School Shop is not responsible for any damage that may occur after the goods have been given to customer or delivery service, nor for possible loss, theft, etc.
  • ITS School Shop is obligated to carefully package and timely ship the orders according to the agreement with the customer.
  • ITS School Shop is not responsible for late delivery if the delay has been caused by delivery service, or a third party. Also, ITS School Shop is not responsible if the delay has been caused by delayed acquisition of goods by the courier service or the customer.
  • ITS School Shop is entitled to, if necessary, additionally charge for packaging and other obligations that occur regarding order delivery (not having to do with delivery service), having consulted the customer and with prior notice. Expenses of additional packaging, as well as writing of forms, etc. for which certain delivery services charge are covered by the customer according to the prices determined by the delivery service in question.
  • ITS School Shop ships the majority of packages using Post express courier service and recommends it, however the customer is not obligated to use it.
  • Order insurance is possible, but it needs to be additionally stated when making an order. Insurance is charged according to the price list of the courier service that will take the package in question.

2. Returns:

  • Goods can be returned to ITS School Shop only if subject to warranty, due to faults within warranty period, with warranty issued by ITS School Shop, stamped and accompanied by receipt. Warranty terms are stated in the warranty that is stamped and issued with the receipt. The warranty has to be issued with goods subject to warranty. For orders that are not subject to warranty, warranty is not issued.
  • Before returning an order, the customer is obligated to notify ITS School Shop by email, fax or mail, in written form, of the type or description of the fault and the reason for return. After that, ITS School Shop can ask the customer to fill in a form that is necessary in certain cases in the claims procedure within the warranty period. Only after a clearance from ITS School Shop can the customer return the order.
  • The cost of returning an order is covered by customer. ITS School Shop does not participate in the expenses of returning an order in any case.
  • ITS School Shop shall not cover the expenses of potential loss of profit the customer might experience due to malfunction of the goods, shall not be obliged to immediately replace the goods, nor to immediately return the payment to the customer. ITS School Shop is obligated to fulfill the conditions from the warranty in accordance with the law.
  • For products for which no warranty is issued, rules on proceeding on and solving customer`s claims are applied.
  • Returns cannot be made for products bought at our franchise and wholesale partners. For said products, you can realize your rights with the seller where the product has been purchased.
  • ITS School Shop shall treat any other goods not subject to warranty returned without prior arrangement or consent as it sees fit, i.e., according to manager`s or other authorized person`s decision.
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